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Rural Direct is a premium provider to the agricultural sector offer a wide range of products, services and solutions to farmers, contractors, growers and lifestyle agriculturalists in New Zealand.

Proudly New Zealand owned, with it's own manufacturing facilities, we aim to produce and deliver quality products.

Comprised of five sales branches throughout the North Island, supported by a national team based in Auckland. In addition to selling a full range of the company’s plastic products such as rural water pipes, culverts and drainage coil, the network also sell a full range of fittings, valves, tanks, and farm supplies.

Our ‘one stop’ approach allows us to have complete control of products from the factory to the customer, cutting out the middleman. Our experienced personnel can provide the technical solutions and advice to support and project designs and installation. 



Civil Direct is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of polyethylene pipes and associated products used in the civil infrastructure sector.

Our reputation has grown on the basis of providing the customer with quality products at a horizontally integrated system.

Initially Civil Direct was known as an agricultural pipe manufacturer. Today however, our range of drainage products, polyethylene water mains and associated fittings has allowed us to be a major force in the civil market. 

We aim is to provide products and service direct from the manufacturer to the end user.



RD Manufacturing produces a comprehensive range of flexible plastic pipes with a full array of fittings and accessories for all industry applications. As part of RD Manufacturing’s commitment to sustainability, it also houses a recycling division which takes industry produced plastic and converts it into products such as layerboards. The company also has the ability to manufacture rotational powder, fabricate plastic polyethylene fittings, sumps and cesspits.

We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned with local manufacturing facilities delivering quality products made for stock and to order.

Our ‘one stop’ approach allows flexibility to cater to customers’ needs and enables us to support large scale infrastructure and existing distribution networks.

 RD Manufacturing aspires to contribute to sustainable resource management through innovation, design and service. Our experienced manufacturing personnel can provide product solutions and technical advice to support all project design and installation.